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PSC Acquisition Management Facts

End-to-End Support for the Entire Acquisition Lifecycle

Program Support Center (PSC) provides federal agencies with unmatched acquisition support services dedicated to meeting their needs throughout the complex contracts lifecycle—from start to finish.

Increase Your Buying Power

PSC develops strategic partnerships with vendors worldwide to provide customers with competitive and significantly lower rates than most fee-for-service federal acquisition organizations. To leverage buying power as a means of reducing costs, PSC's acquistion staff utilizes a multitude of multi-agency award vehicles best suited for each customers's particular needs—national and international pharmaceutical, medical, and dental equipment and supplies; specialized assistance and logistical support for national emergencies; information technology; and other specialized areas. This allows us to achieve economies of scale for commercial and non-commercial purchases, and to pass theses cost savings on to customers for best value, enabling them to:

  • Increase focus on their core missions by relieving staff of administrative duties.
  • Speed-up the acquisition process by eliminating the need to source suppliers.
  • Drive efficiencies and increase efficacy by utilizing trained professionals.

Expert Contracting Officers, Unrivaled Customer Service

PSC's team of acquisition experts work collaboratlively with both customers and vendors to centralize the communicatoin and administration of acquisitions. By using PSC's tranined professionals, customers can reallocate staff from non-critical assignments to focus on core activities enabling them to align, assess, and measure resources and programs with more agility.

PSC's contracting officers do more thatn manage and procure products and services—they are business advisors that apply best practices, understand policies and regulations, and constantly aim to improve and streamline processes using innovative approaches. This drives efficacy by improving, streamlining, and managing the entire lifecycle while ensuring limited funds are managed appropriately. The results are timely awards at the best price with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Full Spectrum of Contracts and Acquisition Services

Working with PSC, customers gain access to multimple agreements including:

  • Lifecycle Management: In-the-field professionals experienced in the provision of policy, program assessments and analyses who evaluatge design studies, conduct data collection and analysis, and provide performance measurement projects.

  • Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12)/Security: More than nine BPAs providing security services including assessments of fixed and mobile facilities, HSPD-12 conformance, access control systems, security systems integration, design services, security management and support services, and security system life cycle support.

  • Information Technology and Website Development: Exceptional IT professionals who build precise teams of developers, analysts, Quality Assurance (QA) personnel, program managers, project managers, technical programmers, and creative designers to support customer's overall mission—including support in the development and modification of government websites to assist with Seciton 508 compliance to meet the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 standards.

From research and planning, administering and soliciting, to awarding and closing, PSC provides critical support throughout the acquisition lifecycle so agencies can focus on their core missions.