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Below you will find links to Acquisition information on the HHS Intranet and on other agency websites.

HHS Intranet Acquisition Links

HHS Acquisition Lifecycle Framework (HALF) Toolkit

The HHS Acquisition Lifecycle Framework (HALF) provides a structured process framework for acquisition at HHS and a “concept to close-out” approach which begins with identification of a business need and supports the entire lifecycle of a program/project (P/P). The HALF Toolkit contains key policies, resources, and tools designed for use by the entire HHS workforce to oversee, manage, and support P/Ps from concept to close-out.

The following documents are included in this link:

HHS Conference Procurement and Planning Toolkit

HHS Contract Closeout Guide

HHS Smarter Buying Program

  • Strategic Sourcing Vehicles through GSA
  • Resources for Category Management