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Second Quarter, FY 2018 - Issue 2

Updates-Increase in Acquisition Thresholds/Category Management Solutions

Earl Pinto Photo
Earl Pinto, Director, Acquisition Management Services, PSC

FY 2018 National Defense Authorization Act

* Effective upon implementation in the FAR unless otherwise directed by HHS/OGAPA

Category Management - Best in Class (BIC) Sourcing Solution

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), in an effort to leverage the buying power of the Government under the category management program, encourages federal agencies to use the OMB designated Best-in-Class sourcing solutions below:

Facilities & Construction

  • BMO FSSI (Managed by GSA)
  • USACE FRP (Managed by GSA)

Security & Protection

  • DHS Body Armor III


  • Joint-National Contracts (Generic Pharmaceuticals)
  • (Jointly managed by VA and DoD)
  • Hearing Aids (Managed by VA Denver Acquisition and Logistics Center (DALC)

IT Category

  • Alliant/Alliant SB (Managed by GSA)
  • Army Chess
  • NASA SEWP (Mandatory for Desktops/Laptops)
  • NITAAC CIO-CS (Mandatory for Desktops/Laptops)
  • Schedule 70 (Mandatory for Desktops/Laptops)
  • Wireless FSSI (Managed by GSA)
  • VETS 2 (Managed by GSA)

Industrial Products & Services

  • JanSan FSSI (Managed by GSA)
  • MRO FSSI (Managed by GSA)

Human Capital

  • HCaTS(Managed by OPM)
  • USA Learning (Managed by OPM)

Office Management

  • OS3 FSSI (Managed by GSA)

Professional Services

  • GSA SmartPay (Managed by GSA)
  • Identity Protection Services (Mandatory)(Managed by GSA)
  • OASIS & OASIS Small Business (Managed by GSA)

Transportation & Logistics

  • AutoChoice for Vehicle Purchasing
  • DLA Energy (Mandatory)
  • GSA Fleet for Vehicle Leasing
  • Next Generation Delivery Services (Mandatory)(Managed by DoD’s U.S. Transportation Command)
  • Schedule 48: Transportation, Delivery and Relocation
  • Solutions (Managed by GSA)
  • Direct Delivery Fuels Solution (Managed by GSA)
  • GSA Fleet Leasing (Managed by GSA)


  • City Pair Program
  • FedRooms
  • Civilian Employee Relocation Home Sale Solution (Managed by GSA)